Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

The purpose of homeowners insurance is to insure your home, its contents and other personal possessions cialis generique paypal.   Your policy also should include liability coverage for accidents that might happen on your property. One way to save is to make sure you have the right amount of coverage for your home. It sounds straightforward, but it in practice it can be challenging to make sure your home is not over- or under-insured.

What’s the right amount of insurance?  Remember that the market value of your home includes the value of the land, which is usually 75% or so of the total value.   Ask your insurance agent for the average cost per-square-foot to rebuild in your county and multiply that figure by the square footage of your home to arrive at a pretty good estimate of what it would cost to re-build the structure.   Be sure  you have adequate insurance so that in the event of a fire, theft and other perils, you are fully covered.  If you own a condominium, the Homeowners Association’s policy will cover the structure, but does not include your personal possessions.  For a minimal monthly fee you should be able to have the interior of your unit and your personal belongings covered. 

Once you are satisfied with your coverage, ask about discounts for security systems, deadbolt locks and other safety features such as safety glass or storm shutters. Some insurers will provide a discount if they cover both your home and your automobiles. You can also consider increasing your deductible amounts to lower premiums, if you can pay the deductibles in the event of a loss. Finally, if you’re not satisfied, be sure to shop around; you may be able to find comparable or better coverage for less money.