Protect Your Home While You Travel

Protect Your Home While You Travel

Planning your next getaway? Unfortunately, an empty house can be a tempting target for would-be burglars. Follow a few simple precautionary measures to secure your home, whether you are leaving for weeks or just a weekend.

Make your home look lived in – Install automatic timer switches on lights, radios, and the TV. They are inexpensive and many include variable timing schedules to create the appearance of activity in the house. Take extra steps to make your home seem occupied by turning off the ringer for your phone and parking a car in the driveway.

Alert the neighbors – Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on the house and leave them an emergency phone number. You might also consider hiring them to mow the lawn, water the plants, and put the trash cans out.

Stop all deliveries – Make sure things don’t pile up on the porch while you’re gone. Newspapers, mail, packages, and door flyers are all tell-tale signs that you’re away.

Secure your doors and windows – Use high-quality deadbolt locks on your doors, additional blocking devices on sliding glass doors, and sash locks on your windows. These can be easily retrofitted.

Install an alarm system – Deter would-be intruders with an alarm system and stickers on the exterior of your home. Many systems offer monthly monitoring for added protection. However, make sure everyone in the home knows how to properly use the system to avoid false alarms.

Remove valuables and keys – Leave your house key with a trusted friend (not hidden outside your home), and take valuables to a bank safe deposit box.

Spending a little time to protect your home before you go on vacation is well worth the effort. You’ll reduce your chances of being targeted and ensure a happy homecoming

Enjoy your trip!