It Pays to List with a Luxury Property Marketing Specialist

I am a Luxury Marketing Specialist. Special competencies equal the right results for you.  Marketing a luxury property demands competencies over and above those of the typical real estate agent. Thanks to the special training I have received, you can count on me to have the skills necessary to help you accomplish your real estate goals.  No cookie-cutter marketing for your unique property.  Thanks to training, I understand how to develop and implement a customized lifestyle marketing plan for your luxury residence.  You will tap into an international network.  The Institute’s network of luxury real estate experts reaches around the globe. This means there are thousands of luxury agents — located across North America and around the world — with whom I can network.  You will benefit from these valuable contacts.  Put a bigger tool box to work selling your property.  Institute membership provides a long list of special marketing tools which I can put to work for you.  Here are just some of the extra tools available which may be appropriate for your home:

•Proprietary high quality property brochures and other printed marketing pieces specifically designed to appeal to the affluent buyer.

•The ability to enhance the online marketing of your property by listing it in an international Multiple Listing Service which reaches hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals around the world.  One of these professionals may have the buyer for your home.

•Special advertising opportunities in luxury home magazines and websites.

•Special access to Wealth Engine tools for screening and conducting targeted marketing campaigns to financially qualified prospects.

•A long list of vendor marketing partners who provide a wide range of special marketing services.

THE INSTITUTE FOR LUXURY HOME MARKETING® is comprised of real estate professionals who have completed special training in understanding and meeting the needs of the very successful. Unlike other groups of luxury agents, members of The Institute are not limited to those of one real estate company or brand, nor can an agent simply pay his or her money and join.   The Institute is committed to providing the training and tools necessary to help its members deliver outstanding service to the buyers and sellers of luxury homes.